About US

THE MCCONNELLS. This is the family behind the brand. As you can see, we’re totally normal. We invent, design and manufacture right here in the US, as well as sourcing from other top-notch manufacturers around the world. But we won’t make just anything—we have to be able to make a product that matters, is safer, or is just plain better. Our passion and love of what we do is in the details. We don't do things simply for the bottom line; we do things because they're the right things to do. And we’ve always done things a little differently… we answer to a good night’s sleep rather than to shareholders. We live our values. We honor handshakes and keep our word. We like working with nice people. We value long-lasting relationships.

We've committed our lives to creating products that make a difference to families all over the world: where the quality of the item outweighs the price you pay. So go ahead and give us a try.