- Insert the colored hook in the colored receptacle

- Attach the colored strap to the colored hook

- Take out the straps after loosing the cardboard collar while removing the bag

Q: Which Twist’R model is good for me?

A: If you have only one cat, Kitty Twist’R is perfect for your needs. It holds about 2 weeks of litter for the average cat.

If you have 2 or more cats, you need a Multi Kitty Twist’R or Litter TwistR. Both of these models hold up to 17 pounds of dirty litter - and that is A LOT of litter!

Q: Will the the other model or brand bags fit in my Multi Kitty Twist’R?

A: Sorry, no. Our bags are made to be model specific.

Q: Could I use regular handle bags I get at the grocery store?

A: Unfortunately not. The Twist’R waste disposal system was designed specifically to use our 7 layer barrier film bags with patented straps/biodegradable bag frame. Regular bags do not prevent odor migration nor could they twist shut to contain odors. The TwistR system is for those who love fresh air for only pennies a day!

Q: When do I know to change the bag?

A: Depending on the model you have, the foot pedal or the twist handle becomes harder to operate. This is your indication that the bag needs changing.

Q: How long do the charcoal sachets last?

A: We recommend changing the sachets every 3 months to maintain freshness.

Q: I installed the bag correctly but the lid does not go all the way down. What’s the problem?

A: The funnel part under the lid  needs to line up with the “home position  (6 oclock).

Just move the funnel right or left until you feel the pin seat into the “home” depression. The lid will fit perfectly now.

Q: The bag does not open … it stays twisted closed. What happened?

A: The bag was twisted initially more than 360 degrees. This will prevent the bag from opening. Lift the pin on the collar, or the funnel depending on your model, and rotate clockwise until the bag is completely open. Then, turn 360 degrees counterclockwise until the pin seats into the home depression. This is the initial twist your bag needs. You are in business again!

Q: When I took the full bag out, it looked like there was more room left in it. Why?

A: We make the Twist’R bags longer than the bins themselves. The bags holds a lot of litter, but the Twist Technology requires some free space at the top of the bag to form the twist sealing in odor.

Q: I am having trouble folding the top of my full bag. What do I do?

A: You are not alone! This is a unique, patented bag which requires a little getting used to … but you can do it!

We have made a video to show you how easy it really is… (check out the video “here”).

Basically, PRESS the folds at A to A together. This will make the bag frame into kind of X shape.

Then, SQUEEZE the back of the cardboard to the front. This will leave the bag frame with 2 cardboard humps in the front and a “valley between them.

Next, WRAP the colored strap around the back of the twisted bag neck (counterclockwise), toward the front where you lift the strap over the middle of the 2 cardboard humps and insert it in the “valley

Then, NOTCH the strap in the notches in the cardboard.

You are done! Lift the bag out and drop in the trash. The bag stays twisted closed so NO ODOR..EVER!

Try it a couple of times. … you will get it. And once you get it, you wont forget it!

Q: Where do I buy refill bags?

A: As Red Rocket grows, our bags will be available at pet retailers nationwide. To be sure, you can always order online  .

Q: What do I do if I have a problem or question?

A: You can email us at: or call our service telephone 805 264 5510 (work time M-F 9:00 - 5:00 PST for help).